Shiloh Bible Church

at Fremont & Kirkville Roads, East Syracuse, NY

How the Lord Built Our Church…

It is my privilege to introduce the ministry our Lord established who is Alpha and Omega, First and the Last. He knows the heart of mankind. He opens and nobody can close.

We were having Bible studies in homes. The Lord directed us to start a church body to teach the Word of God in order that the brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus be edified.

In 1982 my wife and I were driving to Minoa to see the house we wanted to buy for our family. On the way to Minoa we stopped at the intersection of Kirkville and Fremont Roads. There was an empty lot on the right. I told my wife that if the Lord gives me this lot, I will 1-breaking_groundbuild the church building. She said, “Let us go and see the house we want to buy.” We bought the house and moved from North Syracuse to Minoa.

We announced we would start the church as “Shiloh Bible Church” the third Sunday of November in 1983 with two families. We invited all our friends to be with us the first Sunday. We rented a church building on Franklin Park Drive in East Syracuse. First Sunday, the church was full and we had a great worship service. The next Sunday the Lord brought to us brothers and sisters in Christ — singers with music expertise and people to sit in the leveling-siteaudience. The church was full again. All those believers stayed with us.

In 1983 the church was started, and in 1984 this lot came on the market. I called the owner and found out that the lot belonged to a Lutheran mission. I asked them to sell us the lot. The man who talked to me asked the purpose of buying the lot. I told him that I wanted to build a church building. He told me not to buy this lot because the percolation test had failed when they had tried to build a church building. I told him that the Lord will take care of that; you just sell us the lot. He advised me to check with my attorney and then call them back. I asked one of the Christian4-framing_church attorneys to check into it. He advised me not to buy this lot for said purpose, but the Spirit of God gave me such peace about it. I told him that the Lord wants us to buy this lot and wants us to build a church building here. We bought the lot.

We met at Franklin Park Drive for seven years. The church trustees wanted us to have our own church building but needed funds. Then the church building we were meeting in was sold. We moved to Airport Inn in North Syracuse. While we were meeting at Airport Inn, we were offered a good amount of money for the lot. It was a temptation to get that money and buy a building 6-framing_churchbig enough so that we would not have to build. But the Lord wanted us to be faithful to the vision He gave me.

We were looking for another place so we could have a place to worship rather than meeting in the motel. We considered a few buildings but nothing went through. I proposed to the trustees that we should build our own. Being kind of tired of looking, they responded to go ahead and do that.

At the time we had only 36 dollars in balance. I ordered the foundation company to put 7-wall_monitor-copyin the foundation for the church building. By the time the construction company sent us a bill after putting in the foundation, we had money to pay the bill. After paying the bill, we were left with $39. It made our faith grow stronger as a church.

Onondaga County decided to expand the intersection on the corner of the church lot at Kirkville and Fremont Roads. The county asked us to give strips of the church lot, and in return they offered us $3500 and to build two entrances. With $3500 we ordered the lumber to build walls and roof. By the time the bill came from lumber company, the Lord brought money in and8-first_truss1 we paid the bill. Believers from Pennsylvania and New York State came to help build the walls.

After building the walls we needed to put on trusses which were 60 feet in length. I called a crane man to help us to put up the trusses. He was willing to help if we could pay him at the spot after finishing the job. We started at seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday. By one o’clock, clouds were about to pour. The crane man was getting upset, thinking that we have wasted his time and he has to come back one more day to complete the job. I told him that we will not have rain till we are done. It was raining around 9-dirtpileus; we did not have a drop. About 7:30 pm we finished the job and strengthened the trusses; it started drizzling. I asked the treasurer to give the money to the crane man, as much as he wants. He refused to accept a penny and left with his crane saying he has never seen anything like this.

It took us a few days to put plywood on the roof. The next Saturday we gathered to put shingles on the roof. Two of our young men tried to bring shingles pallets up. After bringing up three pallets they said that they are too heavy. Within five minutes a man came with a forklift and said, “I will put all the 10-beginning_roofpallets up.” He put all the pallets up and we finished putting on shingles.

After having the roof ready, we had brothers and sisters from New York and Pennsylvania to put in the cement floor. On Route 57 a building was sold to Eckerd’s department store. The owner called us saying that he has two furnaces in that building; if we need them we could have them. We went as a team and brought those two furnaces and put them in the building. Now we had heat to work inside.

We built walls, Sunday school rooms, bathrooms, an office, library, storage places, and closets. A person called us to say that he has a garage full of doors, if we need them. We went and got all the doors we needed. We put doors on each room.

We had to buy the entrance door from Home Depot. Two of the exit doors we could not find because they were of odd measurement. A man called me from a Malone NY nursing home to say that they have two doors of this size, and that was the size we were looking for. The Lord provided us with the doors.

A man came from Utica with electrical lights so we had enough lights to put in the church. The Lord brought more brothers and sisters to help us inside the building. We finished insulating, sheet rocking, taping, painting, and putting all the utilities in the building.

We had the building ready but no parking lot. Santaro construction company was using the church lot to park their trucks and cars during the expansion of the intersection. In return they offered to build our parking lot. They brought the stone and roller and made the parking lot ready. We just moved in on Easter Sunday worship meeting in 1999.

These are the few of many great things the Lord has done among us. He is the Master, and we all are serving Him as He appoints us. Join us to exalt Him.

Amrit L. Din

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